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VOLUME 1 (Direct Links)

Chapter 1: Supreme
Chapter 2: Long's Soul
Chapter 3: Xiaoxia (Little Hero)
Chapter 4: 90 Leagues
Chapter 5: Ki talent
Chapter 6: No talent
Chapter 7: Peanuts
Chapter 8: Weird
Chapter 9: An Official Request
Chapter 10: Getting Ready
Chapter 11: MeisterSchloss
Chapter 12: And the results are
Chapter 13: Instructor Wei
Chapter 14: Academy of the Six Elemenets
Chapter 15: Training
Chapter 16: Meridians
Chapter 17: What real power is
Chapter 18: Disciple
Chapter 19: Monster in the making
Chapter 20: Unique skill
Chapter 21: Welcome to the Freshmen Competition
Chapter 22: You are not the only one
Chapter 23: Amelia
Chapter 24: Interesting
Chapter 25: Teach me
Chapter 26: Hit me
Chapter 27: To the Quarter Finals
Chapter 28: And so it begins (Imminent Danger?)
Chapter 29: The Battle with a Princess
Chapter 30: The Battle with a Princess (2)
Chapter 31: Unexpected
Chapter 32: Not fit to be a parent
Chapter 33: See the world


Chapter 1: Not a boy, not yet a man
Chapter 2: Power of the mind
Chapter 3: All work and no play
Chapter 4: Zero to Hero
Chapter 5: Zero to Hero (2)
Chapter 6: The four letter word
Chapter 7: What life is all about
Chapter 8: It has only just begun
Chapter 9: The food you eat
Chapter 10: Surrounded
Chapter 11: Unknown Realm
Chapter 12: My wife
Chapter 13: The past seven years
Chapter 14: The past seven years (2)
Chapter 15: Going to be a real problem
Chapter 16: Giant Wolf Like Thing
Chapter 17: Just the beginning
Chapter 18: Never bear fruit

Chapter 19: More deaths
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